Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mahhhh Siblings!

Can't you tell they love each other?!

Yesterday was National Sibling Day. I never knew that siblings had a day to themselves. Okay... I lied, yes I did...kinda. Well I just wanted to give my own little siblings a shout out because I'm like a trillion-million miles away. (A day late I know but it's the thought that counts).

Photo cred: Kori Withers
Yesterday also marked a very momentous occasion because I got to talk to my brother on the phone! This happens every so often never. He doesn't really like to talk on the phone or talk for that matter, but when he does he's either got an insult for you or a zinger that is just freaking hilarious. The boy also has an eye for fashion and with that I would like to pat myself on the back because I taught he the basics way back when. Here he is sporting his anchor bow tie, apparently he has a pocket square to go along with it. Such a little frat boy in the making. I love anchors so 5 points to the little bro!

I would be rude if I didn't talk about my two favorite little hoes. Hannah has two major obsessions that include painting her finger nails and putting on tons of lipstick. Picture above is a proven fact of this. When she gets in trouble she gets her finger nail polish taken away and she freaks out. It's pretty much hilarious. I mean we all have our own hobbies right? Haha. And the stuff this girl comes up with, she's endless! My favorite quote that she has said to us was, "Pants are for the rich people." Seriously?

Whitney is my wittle chunky monkey. This girl is full of sass! She better be going to going to the Olympics one day for soccer because the girl is so dang good. I room with her back home because Hannah kicked me out of my room before I left for college, so we have had this super cool bonding experience from sharing a room.

All my siblings are so hot. Just look at them. Miss y'all losers, and I know y'all miss me too :)


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