Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break 2013 Suckaaas!

My Spring Break officially started today! Finally... I seriously thought it was never going to come. I won't be doing anything too exciting, just enjoying some very much needed R&R. 

I took 6 classes and out of the 6, there was one class that I did not achieve an A in. You know what though I really don't care because the class was math, and I loathe math. I like to think that math is from the devil anyways. 

What a semester it has been. These pictures are some of the pictures that made the cut for this post. It was hard trying to pick out my favorite because they all are. This semester we had 2 birthdays, 1 graduate, and a proposal? One of my favorite semesters to date for sure!

At the end of the hall there was this sign titled "Journey". Every time there was a momentous occasion or fun event we all went to, we would gather around this sign and take a picture. It slowly started to become our house motto to "Journey on" whether it be in life or your day to day activity. Just remember that life is a journey and to love life.  

Journey on my friends!


PS: Sorry for the crazy amounts of pictures. 
You'll have to endure one more post with a lot of pictures

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