Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Hold the ground that you have already won!"

My weekend was very low key but very rewarding. Friday night we brought out all of our beds to "camp out" and watched the 6th Harry Potter (we have been watching them in order and it's taken us a month to get this far).

On Saturday and Sunday we watched  General Conference. Every 6 months my church has this amazing event; our church leaders speak to us about topics that they feel necessary for us to hear.

This was our last Sunday together, so we decided for one last hurrah to do roommate pics. Here are just some of the millions of pictures that we took. Can I just say how amazing these ladies are?! They are they have blessed and impacted my life for the better. Don't you worry they are so great that they get their own post in the very near future!

One more week of school y'all and then SPRING BREAKKKKKK!!!! Sad for this semester to end but I can't wait for a new semester to start, new goals to accomplish, and for my best friend in the whole world Kori to come back to school.

Make your week a great one and live with no regrets!


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