Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope that all the mothers out there are having a wonderful day because y'all ALL deserve it!
I have many wonderful ladies in my life...

1. My Mama!

She has always been there for me through out the years. She has taught me kindness, love, and how to be a good person. My mother has also taught me ways of the kitchen and for that I will always be grateful, because who doesn't love an amazing cook! She has also taught me the southern ways and how to be respectful.

2. My Nana!

She has taught me how to have class with a little bit of sass. My Nana has got to be one of the classiest ladies I ever met and I am so grateful that I have her as a role model in my life. Her sense of style amazes me and her jewelry is to die for! I am so thankful to have some of her beautiful pieces. I am so glad that she has had wonderful examples in her life to make her an amazing mother as well as teaching those qualities to my own mother.

3. My Grammy!

She has taught me how to be a fighter and to stand up for what I want. She has taught me that NO ONE wakes a Queen before 10 am, because we all need our beauty sleep. And heaven forbid someone tell her the score of a Gators game before she has the chance to watch it...not a good idea. Ha. She's serious about her football y'all, and from her example I've become a serious fan as well. I'm sure that if she were to have blood drawn it would indeed be blue and orange! I'm glad that she has been an amazing mother to my dad who is also one of the greatest people that I know. I can't wait to visit her when I get back home so I can go on a fishing trip with the master! Thank you for being another outstanding role model in my life.

I love y'all!


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