Sunday, June 30, 2013


Hey y'all!

So it's been an embarrassing long time since the last time I have written on here.
Every time I would think about writing I was like, umm...betta not.

Here is a little update in my crazy life...

 I am in a Program Management class, it is apart of my major and we learn how to plan programs. This past weekend I helped put on a program with my group. Our program was called M.U.D.D. (Make Us Dirty Day). After much work, dedication, and planning our program finally happened on Friday. We had an amazing turn out! We had mud volley ball, fights, dodge ball, and dinner.

On Saturday, I went to another program a group in my class was putting on. We went up to Moose Canyon and went on an amazing hike. Why are hikes so hard up here, but the end result so amazing?!

This is Dana and Hannah, they are seriously the best! We have had the opportunity to take a lot of our Recreation Management classes together. With out them in class it definitely wouldn't be as fun.

School is almost out. Thank the Heavens above. I am so ready to get back home, and get ready for Europa!
I can't believe it's only 3 months away! I guess I better hurry up and finish my assignments for the trip.



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