Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Enduring to the End

this past weekend i went on a backpacking trip with one of my classes. i was super nervous because it was first backpacking trip, and camping is not my first choice.

thursday morning i woke up throwing up which really scared me because the last time i threw up was like 4 years ago. i called my mom and was like mom what do i do, i can't really miss this trip because it's pretty much my grade for the class. i wasn't expecting her to baby me in any way but some type of advice i guess, and that i got. she was like "megan, it's just your nerves so suck it up and go." hahaha. thanks mom! anyways, to get to our camp site it was 4 hours away, plus a 5 mile hike. i slept most of the way which really helped, but i tried to not make any sudden moments just in case. i didn't throw up any more but i had nausea for the rest of the day. blahh. i honestly do not know how i made the hike, that is a miracle in its self.

The amazing view!
friday my  class took two day hikes, the first one was to see cave paintings that Indians had drawn. they were amazing. the second hike we took was to the top of this mountain. now mind you this mountain was a switchback and we elevated 1,000 feet into the air. that being said climbing that thing was one of the hardest things i have accomplished in my 20 years of existence, and i like to think that i have accomplished a lot of hard things. half way up the mountain this girl and i were like no way can we climb any farther, we would rather just sit here and wait for y'all to get back. my teacher was like well we can slow down the pace and just take it easy for the rest of the way up. my friend and i reluctantly agreed. and can i tell you that i am oh so glad that i didn't stop. when we reached the top of that mountain and could see the beautiful views from all around, it made me grateful that i pushed myself and didn't give up. for my teacher to make us going. i felt accomplished and made me think that i really could do anything i wanted.

it then reminded me of christ and how he suffered for us. had he given up and decided that he didn't want to suffer our sins then we would not be able to repent of our sins and learn from our mistakes.

every monday i get the brief opportunity to talk to my best friend brianna via e-mail. she is on a mission and this is her only way to communicate besides letters. it is honestly the only reason why i love mondays now, because i can talk to her. i informed her about my weekend and at the very end i stated, "If I gained anything from this weekend it is that I know Heavenly Father is always there for us. He puts trials into our lives so we can learn and grow from them. In my case with the mountain hike there is light at the end of the tunnel! The top was absolutely beautiful! I am so glad that I didn't give up like I almost did." 

her response was, "If I gained anything from this past week, it is that we do not see blessings until after the trial of our faith. We have tribulation and afflictions for a reason. Once we push through, so many blessings lie ahead. D&C 58:3-4 Keep on keepin' on. The Lord is on your side."

on another note here is a sweet video that goes along perfectly with my thought.

P.S: Huge shout out to the kid in my class for taking these amazing photos!

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